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Data on a Touch Pad

100 Days of Data Economy

We decided to write 100 posts about the data economy, one post every day starting 1st Sept 2021. Each post discusses briefly one topic from the emerging Data Economy. Authors include Jarkko Moilanen and Toni Luhti who are seasoned CxOs with PhDs and extensive experience from Data, API and Platform Economy. The third author is experienced data service wizard Jussi Niilahti. Check out the amazing roster of featured professionals interviewed for the articles.


Featured professionals

List of professionals we have interviewed for the articles. Without them, this 100 Days Data Economy series would have been less successful

Tessa Viitanen

Better Trust, Better Laughs, Better results! Entrepreneur, a second-time tech startup founder.

Antti Loukiala

Experienced Data Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

Prof. Tommi Mikkonen

Experienced Professor with a demonstrated history of working in the research industry.

Jouni Miikki

Chief Architect at Vastuu Group with 23+ years of experience working in
software development projects (inc ML/AI) in different roles.

Markku Mäenpää

Data Management Professional, Author of Datapääoma and Board professional

Joona Keränen (PhD)

9+ years of experience in collaborating successfully with +70 global B2B firms and SMEs in different industries. Associate Professor and B2B marketing specialist.

Marjukka Niinioja

APIdays Helsinki & North organizer, Tivi 100 IT influencer 2020, Author of API Economy book

Amancio Bouza (PhD)

Impactful strategic advices, inspirational execution, and inclusive culture change to organizations that want to create customer value in the area of digital ecosystems. Amancio Bouza is author of the API Product Management book.


Jussi Niilahti


Authors of the 100 Days of Data Economy have tons of experience from leading successful Platform, API and Data Economy services and businesses.




Jarkko Moilanen

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