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Open Data Product Initiative

This page contains management practices of Open Data Product Initiative under which the data product specification is developed. Join the initiative and help us to build interoperability in the data economy and data value chains for improved DataOps and customer satisfaction.

Business Colleagues

The Open Data Product Initiative as the umbrella organization

By working together and openly, we can increase interoperability, growth, and data reuse with help of shared specification.


The Open Data Product Initiative is the umbrella under which specification is developed transparently: standard is available for all without payments, any organization can join, budgeting is open, and anyone is able to join the discussion and development.

International standards are a vital tool in ensuring products and services are interchangeable and compatible across borders, removing barriers to trade, reducing production and supply chain costs and building confidence in business services and protecting consumers. This is why we develop Open Data Product Specification.

Community events and news are organized via the Open Collective page


Permanent groups

Open Data Product Initiative (“ODPI”) provides an open source community, within which industry participants may easily contribute to building vendor-neutral, portable and open specifications for providing technical metadata for Data Products and Services – such as the “Open Data Product Specification” – and supporting tooling for validating the integrity of the specifications or instantiations of it. 

The ODPI is as such not intended to be a destination for community/consumer-focused tooling outside of the specification itself.

At the moment we have 2 permanent working groups.


Development and maintenance is managed in Technical Steering Committee (“TSC”), open to any participant. This group is responsible for managing pull requests (Github), any suggested improvements towards the specification (channels: github Issues / typeform feedback), and releases of the specification. Organizations that purchase a membership in the Initiative will have a vote in the possible votes and position in decision making. Anyone can participate in the group, but not have a vote right automatically.

TSC Chair: Jussi Niilahti

The second work group is Strategy Group. This group focuses on the business side of the Initiative, accepts new members and is the body to change community rules and memberships. This group also manages the overall design and related design principles of the standard.

Strategy Group Chair: Jarkko Moilanen

Temporary working groups

Any of the membership companies can suggest (to Strategy group) and lead temporary working group for a spesific task. Strategy Group must accept the creation and possible budget of the group.



All packages include:

  • Seat with 1 vote in the Strategy Group

  • Seat with 1 vote in the Technical Steering Committee

  • Right to participate and lead working groups (WG)

  • Speaker slot in the coming events

  • Visibility in media and events

Small size Company strategic member

Company has <15 employees

1 000€(+ VAT) /year

Medium size Company strategic member

Company has 15-50 employees

3 500€(+ VAT) /year

Large size Company strategic member

Company has 50+ employees

6 000€(+ VAT) /year

Key people


Jarkko Moilanen

Strategy Group Chair


Jussi Niilahti

Technical Steering Committee Chair


Tekla Wannas

Ecosystem & Marketing


Antti "Jogi" Poikola

Data Architecture Specialist

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